* Dog Grooming

Full Grooming

(Bath, Dry, Brush, Nails, Full Cut)

Bath & Tidy

(Bath, Brush, Nails, Trim Face, Feet, Sanitary Area)


Bath Only

(Bath, Dry, Brush, Nails)

Additional Service

Feet/Face/Sanitary Brush/Trim 

Comb & Brush Only 

Anal Glands

Nail Trim Only 

Nail Grind with Groom 

Nail Trim & Grind Only 


Teeth Brushing 

Teeth Brush and Grind with Groom 

Teeth Brushing with Nail Trim Only 

Teeth Brush with Nail Trim/Grind Only 

Flea Bath  

Skunk Bath 

Specialty Shampoo 

*Additional charges may apply for matting, excessive undercoats, condition of coat or specific breeds. Additional costs may also apply for express service and difficult to handle pets.  Please consult with your stylist.

*While our grooming services are very comprehensive, it is sometimes necessary for some extra attention.  As well, your little one may just need a quick tidy up, or you may want to glam it up with some of our premium services.