This is salon is just lovely. I have been taking my little dog to them since they opened. They give her the best cut shape and style I have ever had. I just love her style every time I pick her up. They are extremely friendly and consistent. My dog usually trembled so bad when I bring her to a groomer but she does not here. They are attentive, gentle and kind. The other thing I love is that they don't cage the dogs and as soon as she is finished thy text me and it is always done in a reasonable time. They are very detailed with exactly what you want done and make sure to check everything. I highly them and am very greatful to have found them. Thank girls for all that you do:)

Swansea generally bolts after a grooming, however she took the opportunity to say goodbye to the groomer before leaving - first time ever! On top of that she looks wonderful!

I have been to several places for my dog's haircut and none of them did better than here. I've been going here for over a year now and If you are looking for a good quality groom service for your dog, you should definitely try here. She is really professional and you will love the looks of your dog after the service.

Took aiden here today for his first grooming and they did magic,.. Service is 💯% highly recommended. 👍🏼 ,.. My friends say, Aiden looks freakin' handsome.. Thank you! You guys are amazin' ,.. I'll bring him back for sure.

Was looking to get my dog a last minute groom before leaving him while on vacation so that he wouldn’t shed as much. Called at 1 and they said to come after 2:30. Left Toronto at 2, but there was an accident on the gardiner and was running late - I called and they were so accommodating even though I was going to be super late!
I have a golden retriever/ black lab mix and they did such an amazing job! Paid close attention to him and made him comfortable and did it at his pace. After 1.5 hours he was a new dog and looked amazing!
Highly recommend for both their service and grooming! They even added a bow with a knit flower on it at the end for a final touch.

- Angelle Boner Griffin, from Facebook Page

We are regular clients with my 2 doodles! Always perfectly done! Yesterday I brought them in to be de-skunked. Overly impressed!!! My babies came home not smelling like skunk even a little! So thankful for this place and the love and expertise they put into every pet that walks into the door!!!
� Maggie and Walt's mom! Thank you!!!

- Sue Boo Trowers, from Facebook Page

Brought Riley there for the 1st time. I’m completely in love with her hair cut! She was nervous (norm) but once I picked her up, she was all smiles. Best customer service ever! Very patience and makes you feel very welcome. Momma and Riley is happy!

The groomer, Ellen is a dog lover and extremely caring towards dog. She is knowledgeable and very well experienced in taking care of pets. I was extremely satisfied with the services Paws Avenue promised to provide. Ellen is super friendly and very professional, as she would pay close attention to details as well as areas that needs to keep an eye on. This is far the best grooming place I’ve ever been and I have nothing but good things to say about this place! They deliver good quality and professional service! I love this place and highly recommended to everyone.